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Do children need preparation for school? What should be the preparation for school?

Preparing Young Children for School!
By beginning your child’s education early-even before she begins school-you’ll be preparing her for success. If you’re intentional about including educational experiences in your family’s everyday life and being involved in your child’s school, you will be setting your child up for a successful educational career through the establishment of your child’s literacy and a commitment to learning.

If you are interested in preparing for school and you live in Kiev (Darnitskiy district), come to the kindergarten-school Montessorischool m. Poznyaki, Mishugi St., 2

The Montessori Pre-School Class provides

Dr. Montessori best described the three to six year old child as having an “absorbent mind.”

She believed that children ages three to six to have “intense mental activity” which ultimately translates into a need to process and learn as much new information through their environment as possible. The preschool classroom is the next learning extension after the toddler classroom; whereby students build upon their knowledge foundation.

The three to six year old child is consciously learning through purposeful work in an attractively prepared environment where important cognitive, social and emotional skills are developing. Students move freely around the classroom and choose personal work based on whether they are ready for it.

The Montessori classroom provides the correct amount of structure, freedom and guidance for students to excel at their own cognitive pace.

Условия поступления

In order to enter the Preschool MONTESSORI SCHOOL, ou have to call us on the phone: (044) 597 10 00 to agree on a suitable date and time for the meeting..

We will introduce you to teachers who will teach your child, conduct a tour of our school, talk more about the training program and answer all the questions.


Schedule: Mon - Fri
Time: 8:00 - 6:30
Duration of lessons:

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1/2 DAY (9:00-14:00)

8000 UAH

1 DAY (9:00-19:00)

13000 UAH


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