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Psychologists are approving that the child’s formation of the character, abilities and talents is formed right at the early age. That’s why it is extremely important to develop children exactly from the said period. There is no need to assume that the child psychologist should be applied only in case of problems with the child, his misbehavior or the communication difficulty during the growing up period.

Do you want to improve the relationship with your child? You are more than welcome to the consultation with a psychologist. Help your child become a confident, independent, successful and self-sufficient person, learn about positive thinking methods on a class with psychologist Montessori.

The results of visiting a psychologist and developmental classes

The psychologist helps parents to choose the right form of child’s upbringing, to teach their child to cope with problems, to overcome constraint and timidity, to learn communication skills. And, also, to strive for independence and dedication.

The communication of a child with psychologist from an early age will allow the child not to be afraid to open-up and share problems, express his feelings and thoughts, control emotions. Our psychologist will help:

  • To develop imagination, logical thinking, curiosity and watchfulness
  • Adaptations in a new place (in kindergarten or school)
  • Social interaction with the same aged or older children
  • Understanding and supporting within the family
  • Releasing from fear, phobias, stresses and anxiety
  • To overcome inferiority complexes and self-doubt
  • To prepare for school

The child’s perception of the world around is different from the adult’s perception. That’s why sometimes it’s difficult to understand your child. Children have a very little life experience, a weak psyche and highly developed emotionality, so sometimes the child very sharply or rudely reacts to comments from the parents. Children do not always understand what they are doing wrong and why their parents are angry or criticizing them. Therefore, it is very important for parents to learn how to understand their child, become a friend and earn his trust.

Do not hesitate, we will help you and your child to find mutual understanding and respect for each other.

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You can sign up for one-time classes or purchase a 10-class subscription, while visiting a specialist on the convenient day and the time agreed in advance.

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Consultation duration 2 hours

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