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Tomorrow is December and the holidays!

🌬 It’s December! And with him the New Year holidays, which we are all looking forward to!

⛄️ We invite you to get acquainted with the work schedule of the Montessori School on New Year’s holidays. Scenario for the holidays of St. Nicholas, New Year 2021 and Christmas)

❄️ December 18 we celebrate St. Nicholas Day. We will bake cookies and make Christmas photo frames for family photos)

❄️ On January 24, a common holiday общий New Year and Christmas 🌟 will take place!

❄️ December 25 – day off;

❄️ December 28 – 30 – the usual daily routine;

❄️ December 31 – duty group until 13:00 – no lunch

❄️ January 4, 5 – the usual daily routine;

❄️ January 6 – shortened day until 17:00

❄️ January 7, 8 is a day off.

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Make anTomorrow is December and the holidays!

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