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Attention! Started enrollment in primary school for the academic year 2021-2021Primary school Montessori grades 1-4 in Kiev Poznyaki

So, your children have grown up and successfully completed their training in the elementary group of 1-3 years, institutions of preschool education 3-6 years and now they are ready for elementary school, we suggest that you continue your studies in our primary school MONTESSORI SCHOOL.

If your child is 6-7 years old, and if the studying in the kindergarten ha finished you must probably be looking for an primary school in Darnytskyi district: in Poznyaky, Osokorky or Kharkivsky district, we invite you to attend one of the best best primary school on the left bank of Dripro river MONTESSORI SCHOOL on Mishugi street, 2.

MONTESSORI SCHOOL is a private primary school in Poznyaky, teaching children of 6-7 years old on the modern and effective methods of development and training of Montessori.

The primary school curriculum includes the following:

The main goal of the MONTESSORI SCHOOL school is to instill in children a love for sciences, self-education, the desire to learn and learn new things, to help develop patience, perseverance, self-discipline.

In the classroom, children work both individually: each of them in their own rhythm, and in groups: learning to work together in a team. Montessori teachers the school are using specially created Montessori textbooks, as well as information from encyclopedias, dictionaries and educational materials developed by the Ministry of Education in Ukraine.

Education in primary school is conducted in Ukrainian, teachers will teach your child to love and respect their native language, they will develop the knowledge about the culture and customs of Ukrainian people.


Работа в развивающих классах Монтессори: уроки из практической жизни, сенсорно-моторное развитие, развивающие игры, знакомство с окружающим миром, уход за растениями, развитие речи, оздоровительные занятия, танцы и творчество.

* Если родители не успели забрать ребенка до 18:00, воспитатель передает детей в дежурную вечернюю группу, в которой дети находятся до 20:00

8:30 — 8:45

прием детей

8:45 — 9:15


9:15 — 10:15

комплексный урок

10:15 — 10:45

фруктовая тарелка

10:45 — 11:30


11:30 — 11:45


11:45 — 12:30


12:30 — 13:00


17:40 - 19:00

произвольная работа, прогулка

The advantages of studying in a private primary school MONTESSORI SCHOOL:

Conditions of admission:


Work in a developing Montessori class (practical life, sensory-motor development, speech development, familiarity with the world around us.

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1/2 DAY (9:00-14:00)

9000 UAH

1 DAY (9:00-19:00)

13000 UAH


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