Lego studio

If your child likes to create something, and the shop lego is not enough anymore, then you have to take your child to courses from Montessori School in Kiev on Pozniaky district.

Lego Studio is a course for young inventors where children can create things with your own hands and to embody the most unusual imagination in creation. Lego courses are held for children from 3 till 12 years. Children aged 3-5 years with the help of Lego develop their small and large sensory, learn geometric shapes, sizes and colors. Playing with Lego not only develops creative abilities and development of abstract thinking, but also causes feelings of joy and pride in children for their creations.

Лего курсы в Киеве

We will teach your child:

Lego courses for children from 6 years are motivating and creating interest, develop analytical thinking, logic design skills, allowing in the future to learn modeling, programming and robotics.

If you have a desire to develop in your child creativity, perseverance and independence, the ability to model and design, the ability to express itself, then you have to take your child to our Lego studio in Kiev with MONTESSORI SCHOOL.

In order to enter the MONTESSORI SCHOOL primary school, you have to call us on the phone: +38 (044) 597 10 00 to agree on a suitable date and time for the meeting.

Timetable of classes

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- All materials are included in the price,
- The subscription fee is indicated in the month
- Cost of one lesson (one time) 120 UAH

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Subscription (2 times a week)

960 UAH. / Mo

Subscription (5 times a week)

1300 UAH. / Mo


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