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Did you know that the child, while playing in sand, is not only having fun, but also developing? As it turned out, playing with sand, modeling sand castles or just pouring sand helps a child to cope with psychological disorders and improves mood, as well as develops creative abilities and imagination, improves the child’s oration, affects thinking and communication skills.

Sand therapy is the best medicine for children, which relieves emotional tension and aggression, and also develops fine motility skills, imagination and creative thinking. Agree, even the usual pouring of sand from hand to hand is a pleasure and helps to calm down, relax, not only the child, but also an adult. Probably that’s why we all love to spend time on the beach. But you shouldn’t wait for the holiday season and a sea trip, you can practice sand therapy at any time of the year, just come to Montessori-school.

We use only clean and safe sand for the therapy and children’s games!

Sandplay therapy is a nonverbal, therapeutic intervention that makes use of a sandbox, toy figures, and sometimes water, to create scenes of miniature worlds that reflect a person’s inner thoughts, struggles, and concerns. This form of play therapy is practiced along with talk therapy, using the sandbox and figures as communication tools.

Although sandplay is especially well suited for working with young children, who often cannot express their inner feelings in words.

песочная терапия

Therapeutic sand games for kids are:

The first child’s sensation in the world is a tactile sensation. From the first moment of birth, it is the touch of the mother that helps the child cope with stress.

From the 5 main human senses (vision, hearing, feel, smell, taste), tactile touch is considered the most ancient, therefore people trust him on a subconscious level.

Psychologists recommend to start game therapy with a tactile meeting with the sand.

Interaction with sand in the game form allows the child to get his first experience of reflection (self-analysis), recognize and define his feelings, develop hands fine motility skills.

When a child builds castles, roads, tunnels, figures and tries to share his feelings during the game, the development of speech, thinking and creativity takes place.

Sandplay therapy takes place in box-like containers referred to as sand trays. The trays are filled with sand that clients use, along with miniature toys, to create a play world that reflects some aspect of real people and real experiences in their own lives. The client chooses from a large collection of toys and builds a small “world” in the tray that reflects what is going on in their lives.

Look for a licensed, experienced mental health professional, therapist, or counselor with advanced training in sandplay therapy. In addition to finding someone with the appropriate educational background, experience and sandplay setup, look for a therapist or counselor with whom you or your child feel comfortable working.

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