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If you want to teach your child to play the piano,come to Montessorischool. This is a healthy skill, as it helps the brain to develop. There are several skills your child will need to learn when playing piano or any other musical instrument.

The necessary things for playing piano are proper positioning of the child’s hands (otherwise bone injury could occur), proper posture, the ability to read music and the ability to sight-read, ie play a piece without practicing it prior. All of these help the child’s brain to develop in intellect and creativity, and are critical to music education.

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The First Piano Lessons are a series of short exercises disguised as games which combine strengthening and co-ordination with note recognition and memory. Presented in a playful and engaging way that doesn’t cause frustration, they’re perfect for introducing your child to piano at home, while bringing a lot of fun and satisfaction along the way.

Your child’s musical development will thrive with the guidance of a piano teacher who specialises in teaching piano lessons to young children.

We make sure that our specialists in beginners’ piano lessons for young children have excellent teaching methods, guaranteed to engage and inspire young children, and make your child’s first exposure to the piano fun and enjoyable. These first piano lessons also set in place the basics of piano technique, posture, hand position, the ability to read music notation, listening and aural skills, and musicality and expression, that once established will provide the foundation for your child’s life-long adventure in piano playing.

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