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The English language studio for children from age of 3 years by the method of Montessori is not just an English language course in the textbook with word learning. It is a group learning in the game form, daily communication in English with professional Montessori teachers in a comfortable environment and the environment of friends .

Individual approach to each child gives him a sense of confidence, helps to overcome his fears and suspiciousness, allows child to feel himself special and loved.

Английский для детей Киев Позняки

How to learn English by Montessori method

Studying in different thematic zones of Montessori classes children sing songs in English, make crafts from clay or plasticine, sculpt animals, build houses, cars, geometric shapes, etc. and the teacher calls all actions and names of subjects in English language.

During the immersion in the work process child is addicted to the occupation and easily learns new information and new words, which makes it easy to learn English at the native level. Before age of 6 years study of foreign languages ​​is especially easy for children, because a large amount of information is learned in the tactile way.

Thanks to the method of Montessori, the child easily memorizes words in English and short phrases, learns to express their thoughts and think in English, as in their native language. During the day, teachers try to communicate with children in English as much as possible: during the meeting and farewell, at the time of games or training, cleaning the work area, washing hands, cooking, needlework, creative development, which allows children to improve their vocabulary with words and expressions from everyday life.

In order to enter the MONTESSORI SCHOOL primary school, you have to call us on the phone: (044) 597 10 00 to agree on a suitable date and time for the meeting.


- All materials are included in the price,
- The subscription fee is indicated in the month
- Cost of one lesson (one time) 200 UAH

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Subscription (2 times a week)

--- UAH. / Mo

Subscription (3 times a week)

2300 UAH. / Mo


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