Checkers and chess for child

Are games really good learning experiences?
Keep it fun! Fun is the single most important objective.
The single most important thing when playing games is to have fun. Beyond that, games have a world to offer: they can teach how to be cooperative, strategic, competitive, confident, bold, risky, respectful, and a thousand other critical life lessons. But all of it will be lost on children if they don’t enjoy the experience and want to play again and again.

Студия шахмат для детей в Киеве

Games help kids develop in different ways.
When preschoolers play a game, they are in top form. Games ask us to focus attention, absorb lots of new information, make decisions, and perform a multitude of actions in sequential order. In addition to putting all the mind muscles to work, games also get us to exercise our social sensibilities: patience, empathy, and compassion are all part of the skill-set that kids use when playing games.

A well-stocked game closet is an educational institution in
our Kindergarten. Well-made, well-designed games can be an endless source of learning and fun for your child. The more we know about games, and especially how our particular child plays games, the richer child game experiences will be.

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Checkers and chess for children from 3 years in Montessorischool
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