DANCE STUDIO for children

Are you choosing a creative, interesting and useful activity for a child? Do not hesitate, bring your child to the dance studio!

Dancing for children is an excellent activity for health promotion, coordination and plastics development, emotional and inner development of a child. Dancing forms a smooth posture, slim and toned body and positively affects the child’s health.

The kids enjoy visiting the dance studio, because here they can allow them to fully express themselves and their creative potential, to feel like real dancers. Children willingly learn new movements and are happy to later demonstrate their new skills at matinees in kindergarten or simply at home in front of their parents.

A dance studio for children from 3 years old in the Darnitskiy district of Montessorischool is waiting for its future professional dancers! Come…

Montessorischool – the best dances for children on Poznyaky!)

At The dancing studio Montessorischool’s you’ll receive the highest level of instruction by extremely qualified teachers in a low pressure and high fun atmosphere!

We belives that all children are born with both the need and cpacity to create and to move. Creative Dance is a wonderful way of expressing the creations of the heart, mind, body and soul. It serves to develop and stregthen every facet of a child’s life.

In the children dance studio, 2 directions are taught: contemporary and a variety of children’s choreography

Why contemporary?

 You don’t have to choose between modern dance, ballet, classical choreography, as contemporary combines all these directions. Besides, it also includes elements of jazz modern, plastic, yoga, qigong, taijiquan and mime.

Contempo (or contemporary) is considered by masses to be a new and young direction in choreography. In fact, this style of dance appeared in the 60s of the twentieth century in Europe and USA.

Contempo is an excellent tool for the development of musical hearing, physical coordination, strengthening of all muscle groups, beautiful posture, grace, harmony, stretching and plasticity of movements, balance, concentration and confidence and is suitable for children from 4 years. Contemporary classes are held in a relaxed and easy atmosphere, there is no learning a difficult dance technique. Dance movements are based on the natural postures and positions that a child can master. Contempo allows you to get rid of nervous tension, stress, clips, helps to gain ease and movement freedom, to open-up and to express themselves even bolder.

The dancing classes aren’t boring for sure! Classes are fun, active and quite agile. 

Why exactly pop dance? 

Pop choreography – is the most popular dance type! Pop choreography is always about beautiful performances, dance shows with bright costumes. The stream includes the development of acting, classical dance, elements of hip-hop, modern, acrobatics and many other dance styles.

While dancing pop choreography, children are no longer embarrassed, because they dance in groups and take part in own shows creation together, this allows not to be afraid of the stage and public performances in front of an audience in the future. Pop choreography develops flexibility, plasticity, agility, coordination, endurance, helps to master various dance styles.

Would you like to enroll your child in a sand dance studio?

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2 times a week
Lesson duration: 30 minutes
group 1-3 years old: from 11:00
3-6 years old group: from 11:30

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