Montessori class 3-6

The private preschool of MONTESSORI SCHOOL in Kiev in Pozniaky invites children from 3 years to pre-school age of 6 years for training, development and communication in our school for full or short day.

The program of training from 3 to 6 years is significantly different from the younger group, in addition to creative development, classes for pre-school preparation aimed at developing logic and sensorics skills. The training program in the kindergarten of MONTESSORI SCHOOL includes the study of foreign languages, elementary mathematics, music classes, dancing, physical education, work with clay and familiarity with the outside world.

We will teach your child:

In view of the fact that at each age children has their own interests and development needs, in this age group children from 3 years will be offered classes in the thematic zones related to practical life: caring for themselves, animals and plants, cooking, cleaning in indoors, handicrafts, creative pursuits.

Sensitive development usually falls on a period of 3-4 years, and by the age of 5 it is on a decline, so our teachers devote the maximum amount of time to sensory exercises, help to increase the perception and prepare the child for math.

Children after 4 years are already beginning to show interest in writing and reading, so they are taught classes in languages, elementary mathematics, studying the alphabet, reading children’s books and writing, and, of course, practical exercises, physical and creative development.

The task of the teacher is to help the child with the choice of classes that maximally suits him and develops his potential, but at the same time, do not lose sight of other developing materials necessary for full-fledged learning and development of intelligence. After the training of the kindergarten school your child will be completely ready for school.

In the preschool of MONTESSORI SCHOOL your child will learn all the necessary skills to take care of himself, learn to read, write and count, interact with other children, take care of animals and plants, show initiative, independence and self-esteem. We will help the child develop his creative abilities in the field of drawing, music, dance, and also in physical education.


We offer your child to stay in the pre-school 5 days a week Monday – Friday:
a short day – from 8:00 to 14:00
full day – from 9:00 to 20:00

* Если родители не успели забрать ребенка до 18:00, воспитатель передает детей в дежурную вечернюю группу, в которой дети находятся до 21:00

8:30 — 8:45

School opens

8:45 — 9:15


9:15 — 9:45

Snack Time

9:45 — 12:45

Work period with Montessori materials

12:45 — 13:30

Outdoor free play (weather permitting)

13:30 — 14:00

Lunch time

14:00 — 16:00

Quiet/Rest Period for all students (resting mats provided)

16:00 — 16:30

Snack time

16:30 — 17:30

Training in studios

17:30 — 18:30


Условия поступления

In order to enter the kindergarten MONTESSORI SCHOOL, you have to call us on the phone:

(044) 597 10 00 to agree on a suitable date and time for the meeting..

We will introduce you to teachers who will teach your child, conduct a tour of our school, talk more about the training program and answer all the questions.

In case of absence of free places in the primary school class for children aged 3-6, we will put your child on the waiting list and we will contact you as soon as there is vacant place.

Menu in kindergarten

Food – 3 times a day (organic products)


Montessori class 3-6

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